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Bridal Smile Transformation

Say "YES" and start your new life with a new, bright smile!

➡We present to you this case of full oral rehabilitation of our bride-to-be, whose smile we transformed for her special day!
😍The new, beautiful smile that will shine at the wedding and in all the photos was created using Zirtooth zirconia CAD/CAM discs from @HASSBio !
🔬We started with a comprehensive assessment and planning, mapping out the perfect smile tailored to the patient’s unique characteristics.
💎 Beauty lies in the details – Zirtooth discs, known for their strength and realistic appearance, created perfect teeth, providing an amazing result with a natural look and an ideal shade.
It’s a pleasure to be part of the reason for your smiles!
📍Deko Kovachev 95 A, Gevgelija.
☎️+389 75 500 502
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