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Age is just a number, but a beautiful smile is timeless!

As we get older, our teeth can lose their color and shape due to the natural and regular wear and tear. They can become shorter, more yellow, and even affect the overbite. 😬 But at Denticija, we believe that age should never stand in the way of your confidence and radiant smile!
Meet our incredible patient who came to us to regain their youthful smile. 👏
🦷 Step 1: Overbite Adjustment
First, we addressed the overbite issue to ensure the perfect foundation for our smile makeover. Our skilled team made precise adjustments to achieve an ideal bite alignment.
🦷 Step 2: Temporary Teeth
To help our patient comfortably adapt to the new smile and to spare the temporomandibular joint, we made temporary teeth. These temporary teeth allowed the patient to get used to the new situation over several months.
🦷 Step 3: Zirconium Crowns and Bridges
Finally, we crafted and expertly inserted stunning zirconium crowns and bridges. These high-quality restorations not only added the desired length and shape but also gave our patient a radiant, natural-looking white smile that shines with confidence! 😁✨
Remember, age is just a number, but a beautiful smile is timeless! 💎✨
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