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Remarkable Smile Reconstruction

Today, we are thrilled to share an inspiring before-and-after case of a female patient who underwent a complete smile reconstruction. Witness the remarkable difference in her appearance and newfound confidence as we take you through the step-by-step journey of her transformation. From pre-prosthetic gingivoplasty to the placement of stunning zirconia bridges and crowns, let’s explore how this comprehensive approach brought her a healthy and beautiful smile.

Step 1: Pre-Prosthetic Gingivoplasty
Our patient arrived at our dental clinic wanting to have a new, more suitable, more durable and aesthetically pleasing smile. To achieve the desired results, we began with a pre-prosthetic gingivoplasty, a procedure designed to reshape and recontour the gum tissue. This technique created an excellent foundation for the upcoming smile reconstruction.

Step 2: Periodontal Preparation
In cases where the patient has underlying periodontal issues, it is essential to address them before proceeding with any restorative work. Our skilled periodontal specialists meticulously treated and prepared the patient’s gums to ensure a healthy environment for the upcoming smile transformation.

Step 3: Removing Old Bridges
In order to achieve a complete smile reconstruction, we needed to remove the old bridges that were no longer serving their purpose. This step involved careful removal to ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding teeth and gums.

Step 4: Temporary Teeth for Gingival Health
With the old bridges removed, we focused on restoring the health of the patient’s gingiva. Temporary teeth were meticulously crafted to bring the gum tissue to a healthy state. These provided a stable and aesthetically pleasing solution during the healing phase.

Step 5: Zirconia Bridges and Crowns
Once the gingiva had reached a healthy state, we proceeded with the final phase of the smile reconstruction. Zirconia bridges and crowns were meticulously designed and crafted to seamlessly blend with the patient’s natural teeth. Zirconia by Zirtooth, known for its strength, durability, and lifelike appearance, ensured a long-lasting and beautiful smile transformation.

The Results: Health, Beauty, and Confidence

The before-and-after photos of our patient’s smile reconstruction speak volumes. The remarkable difference in her appearance is undeniable, as her new smile is a perfect combination of health and beauty. However, the transformation goes beyond aesthetics. The patient’s confidence has been restored, allowing her to fully embrace life’s opportunities with a radiant smile.

Witnessing the life-changing impact of a complete smile reconstruction reminds us why we are passionate about what we do. This smile journey is a testament to the power of comprehensive dental care, where health, beauty, and confidence intersect.

Contact us to start your journey to a beautiful new smile which will boost your confidence and improve your health and appearance significantly.

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